Creamy crayfish salad with polka beets, pesto, herb oil, parmesan cheese and croutons

Pepperglazed pork fillet with grilled potatoes,
fennel baked artichoke-ground
and sherry

Lamb Violin, feta cheese, olives, capers and marinated artichoke.

Lightly salted cod with beets, horseradish, puy lentils and seafoodcoulis.

Pie on stored Västerbotten- cheese with roe,
chopped onion and sour cream
Honeyglazed Vent Ling Chicken with butter fried apple and bacon, cremesauce of fresh ginger, honey and lime

Grilled and marinated salmon with wild garlic aioli and glazed tomatoes

Herb-roasted lamb back with mandelpotatis- & leek cream,
Seasonal vegetables and rosemary

Grilled halloumi cheese with smoked bacon, parmesan and tomato oil

Tapenade sejloin with aioli, grilled potatoes and Provencal vegetables

Honungsglacerad goat cheese on toast with mache salad, olive compote and roasted sunflower seeds

Flank steak with sweet potatoes, roasted peppers, vinegar-sauce and manchego

Cremésoup artichoke with parmesan and basil oil

Roast veal entrecote with sage cream sauce, oyster mushrooms and romanesco

With reservation for changes
(Reserve the menu you wish to 1 week prior to arrival otherwise we serve what belongs to the day of the week)
2-course 304: -exkl VAT (340 -incl VAT)
            The price is subject to that all of the company chooses the same menu,
            requests for special diets announced simultaneously with the menu selection to 1 week before arrival.